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The supply chain, the process, the path are what make a project unique. giving value to what we choose to produce and create, starting from the context. a new model of how to do business, connecting cultures and economies from different areas.

From the material
to integrated supply chain

We project manage the eco process strategy for you and with you.

We take care of the sustainability of your project and its impact in the context, the key to the change?

We value quality and economic choices behind the production processes.

We support your project enhancing local know-how, nature and its cycles, raw material and its intended use.

We consider the long term view for the life cycle of services and products, with essential and focused tools. Our aim is to develop experiences that are good and true for people.

We improve innovation in two key ways: research about natural supply chains and building relationships with suppliers?

We combine validated and innovative instruments, such as BMC, JC, Protopersonas, (etc.), and provide an income statement for each new process.

Sustainability is an important value for the present and the future position of your project.

Sustainability is an important value for the present and the future position of your project.

We design for your project a strategic plan for:

Context and product analysis

Medium to long term sustainable supply chain process and eco design product

Impact indicators and data storytelling

and we accompany you when developing products and services as an expression of your values.

“ You have to have chaos within yourself to generate a dancing star. ”
Friedrich Nietzsche
“ To be able to design we should, therefore, learn to cultivate empathy more and more: I believe it is one of the aspects that will allow us to develop projects that will resonate with humanity, making ourselves resonate with the world ”
Daniele Lago
“ The wisdom of nature is such that it produces nothing superfluous or useless. ”
Niccolò Copernico

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